TOTTER MIDI for a Mega Party

TOTTER MIDI for a Mega Party!

This year’s trend is no longer local parties and big concerts. Due to the corona situation, the parties have moved to our homes and gardens.


Larger ensembles are replaced by accordionists, who gain the sound of the whole ensemble with TOTTER MIDI.


The accordionists said that for a good party you only need one active speaker, an accordion with TOTTER MIDI, a sound module and friends.


Bring or send your accordion to the company’s headquarters, where we will install a TOTTER MIDI system specially for you.
You can choose between five different models , adapted to your wishes (orchestra, quintet, trio, …) and the way you play (folk, entertainment, rock, jazz, pop, classical music, …).
You will get also free advise about a speaker and sound module .


Summer play will be in this way more full and fun. Believe us, the company at the party will be even more cheerful and enjoyable.