Hi, dear accordionists!

Many of you already know me well, but to some I am (still) a stranger.
I am a SONATTER TM4 – the sound module.
They developed and created me at TOTTER MIDI, where they also make and sell me together or separately with their premium midi systems.
I carry over 300 different sounds of instruments. I am especially proud of the original TOTTER MIDI sounds for playing folk music, which were recorded especially for me by renowned musicians.
I have a direct input for connecting a TOTTER MIDI system built into the accordion and a direct output for connecting to an active speaker.
With me, you uncompromisingly imitate playing natural instruments, especially quintet ensembles, and only with the accordion.
If you strive for perfection, I – the sound module SONATTER – am definitely the best choice.
Read more about me here . And don’t forget to listen to my sounds!
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